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These are Why So Important to Write Your Blog on WordPress

Writing a blog is not easy and takes a lot of effort to get it up and to operate. No, the bigger blog is easier, but the stakeholders or partners in the small company are very few. Usually, when you create a new personal or business blog on a smaller scale, your colleagues are friends or family members.

Sometimes having separate production and retail units is not even possible. So online presence can be the fascia your business needs.

Having a well thought out and doable web presence is much needed these days for any kind of business, big or small.

But it’s all the more important for small businesses because it gives their business a sense of credibility and seriousness.

The flexibility of WordPress:

The WordPress site is an open source platform, meaning easy to use and you can use the code, revise it and resell it to others. Every year, so many developers continue to make better and smoother features to the huge WordPress Plug-in library.

WordPress has improved into one of the most regularly used platforms for web development. Nearly 25% of world websites use the WordPress and nearly 60% of CMS-based sites also use WordPress and use free and premium WordPress themes.

What makes WordPress the perfect solution for Small Business?

The question is that what WordPress have or give what competitors do not do, which makes it a big success as compared to them. Of course, it’s free and flexible but when you get down to it, what makes it what it is?

Let’s see how powerful it is to know why it’s so powerful:

While you might think that good and great software should have a price, but the fact is that being free has made it great. Because it’s freeware, so many programmers and developers have tried their hand and refined it and polished it as it is now. So this wise decision makes WordPress so many free programmers to find flaws with the software and fix it for free!

CMS is very powerful.

I mean, you just have to install it and use it and easily without complicated knowledge of web development, you can add and remove any features or add-ons available. The backend panel lets you control your site to the most basic level. The power of this CMS is the reason why it has some really great add-ons like RSS feeds, blogs, shopping carts, etc.

WordPress can be used for almost all types of websites from personal blogs to surveys to portfolio sites. You cannot access a better or more flexible option.

Another great feature is SEO optimization.

Typically, people hire developers and e-marketing companies to get their websites optimized for Search Engines. But Word Word framework is made in such a way that it is very easy for search engines to crawl it. So most search engines prefer websites created in the WordPress and better rank.

WordPress is also a very secure platform.

While this is a constant challenge for hackers, WordPress updates its software regularly to keep users protected. You can add different users to manage your CMS using the word press by setting and limiting their activities; this will improve security and manage more.

It’s easy to integrate social media into WordPress. It can also host multimedia like images, video, and audio, etc. You can add YouTube videos directly on your Word press website.

Summary, WordPress is the great solution for bloggers and small businesses because it gives more value in less investment. It also takes a lot of burden from your shoulders regarding managing the website and gives you strong support to grow your business!

It also requires a lot of burden from your shoulders regarding managing the website and gives you strong support to grow your business with quality support through the WordPress eCommerce theme.…

Best 10 Picks Pen Display Tablets for Artists : Best Graphics Tablet

The question here’s what tablet will be the best preferred, and many suggested to any or all individuals artistic hands which would like to showcase their art on-the-go, on the digital sketchbook with the aid of a stylus pen that is just like to maintain their passion for traditional brushes intact.

best tablet drawing 2017

Then, listed here are our top choices of best tablets for artists including the best pen-display tablets for artists in addition to portable and mobile drawing tablets together with couple of-of the greatest Cintiq alternatives that are surely a way-breaker within the whole tablet market and would interest all of the minds of the artist for his or her drawing needs.

These are best graphics tablet for your info

  1. Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 Full HD Professional’s Choice

Would you enjoy using a natural creative experience? And merely cannot let go of your immense passion for individuals traditional paints, brushes and canvas? This tablet can surely cause you to convince you concerning the drawing tablets. Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 enables you to work directly on the screen, and tilt sensitive Wacom Pro Pen 2 performs like traditional brushes, pencils and markers. The pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels enables you to draw a number of lines, meaning whenever you apply more pressure, it’ll render a thicker line. Based on Wacom, the Wacom Pro Pen 2 has 4X greater precision and pressure sensitivity than its previous versions which promises ultimate precision for artists and designers and permits them to draw just about everything they are able to imagine. Furthermore, additionally, it supports intuitive multi-touch gestures as well as on-screen programmable radial menus with which you’ll zoom, pan and travel through the sweep of the fingers which lets you increase your workflow.

The Wacom Cintiq Pro includes a beautiful metallic design which appears like Macbook Air from sides. There’s a built-in stand that is adjustable at 20° angles to supply you comfort while applying it. Weighing just 2.43 pounds, the Wacom Cintiq Pro is most likely among the lightest and thinnest tablets for artists we’ve seen. It easily matches backpack as being a traditional tablet which allows you to carry this creative tablet regardless of anywhere you go. There’s no need to bother about cables while transporting; the Cintiq Pro connects to your PC with USB Type-C cable which comes inside the package, or just you may also make use of the incorporated Wacom link and cables for connecting via Small display port and standard USB port. Its compatibility with all of the versions of Home windows and Mac OS makes this tablet among the best selections for professionals.

An ideal combo of comfortable, compact and light-weight design combined with the premium 13?, Full HD Display is definitely an actual ring rocker with regards to competing within the tablet market.

Not like Wacom Cintiq Pro Drawing Tablet within the race of best tablets for artists.

  1. Huion KAMVAS GT-156HD Best Cintiq Alternative 2017

Huion KAMVAS is among the least expensive Wacom Cintiq options for individuals who wish to draw directly & naturally on screen. How? Its 5MS TFT LCD panels, apply the brand new mirror design with smooth and easy movement, getting in hd and light visual experience. 2048 levels Pressure Sensitivity, Control line solidity, colour and transparency simply supply the good value receive an artist expects from the drawing tablet. Furthermore, the Huion KAMVAS GT-156 HD is ultra-thin and lightweight to be able to make it anywhere easily. Weighing just 3.3 pounds, it easily matches your backpack or briefcase to be able to make it to college or Work without getting to check out the extra situation.

It’s Full HD resolution and 14 express keys on-board with which you’ll work without placing the laptop keyboard in your area and particularly with this sort of Full HD display size, pressure sensitivity from the display and viewing position from the screen that is sufficient, is the best thing about this tablet to really make it an excellent choice for an artist’s hands. Its compatibility most abundant in common os’s makes mtss is a good device for artists. Based on your requirements, you may make it your device preferred by creating artworks, or utilize it temporarily until you really can afford Wacom Cintiq.


The Huion KAMVAS GT-191 may be the bigger form of KAMVAS GT-156 with same specifications onboard. The Huion KAMVAS GT-191 includes a 19.5 ” Full HD IPS LCD with 72% NTSC colour gamut which enables the display to illuminate 16.7 million colour much more clearly. Getting a bigger display area enables you to definitely have ample room to edit, design and make, meaning you are able to work consistently for hrs without having to sacrifice your workflow. Overall, this 19.5? a strong contender can also be among the best Cintiq options to buy right now because it has 8192 amounts of pressure sensitivity.

  1. Ugee 1910B 19 Inch – Smaller sized and cost-effective Alternative

The Ugee 1910B may be the smaller sized and cheaper variant from the Ugee 2150. This variant includes a 19? IPS display that has the resolution of 1400 x 900 pixels quite sharp, and it has good brightness and contrast levels. Ergonomically designed get up on the rear is extremely flexible and may fit various habits and requires of the majority of the artists. The Ugee Rechargeable Pen which comes inside the package has 2048 amounts of pressure sensitivity which allows you to draw various lines based on pressure are applying. Much like its bigger variant, the Ugee 1910B supports the majority of the 2D and 3D softwares. Overall, the Ugee 1910B driver is really a complete package for artists offered at an inexpensive cost.

  1. XP-Pen Artist 22

22? HD dust-free display with full HD resolution and wide viewing position enhanced the visual experience are exactly what XP-Pen provides you with on its first sight. A properly protected high strength toughened glass and rubber covers, anti-scratch and shockproof outer structure would just make it seduce you and it is …

5 Self-Care Strategies for Today’s Political Climate

Because the election, I’ve been told by many listeners worried about the fate. And also the anxiety niche center where Sometimes has witnessed a large uptick in patients concerned about the following four years. But even though you offer the current administration, the combative, chaotic condition of the united states isn’t ideal for anyone’s well-being.

The Savvy Psychiatrist aims that will help you be more happy and healthier regardless of your political stripes. No matter your political leanings, when you get a stomachache any time you scroll with the news, you most likely don’t feel particularly happy, and all sorts of stress certainly aren’t healthy.

So knowing that, listed here are 5 Self-Care Strategies for Today’s Political Climate

political audience

Tip #1: Don’t go in internet marketing alone.

In occasions of stress, gathering with like-minded others is essential. Particularly if you’re a speck of blue inside a ocean of red or the other way around, do your very best to locate your tribe. Everybody needs validation and hope from others, and isolation breeds anxiety and hopelessness. It’s exhausting is the just one associated with a demographic, so your very best to locate your people. You’ll know them through the pink pussyhats-or even the red baseball caps.

Tip #2: Go ahead and take lengthy view.

To feel good, picture the long run. “But that’s what I’ve been doing!” you complain.  “And the long run ain’t attractive!”

For the reason that situation, picture further, beyond the current turmoil. This can be a technique adapted from strategy to anxiety attacks. When individuals with the panic picture an anxiety attack, they often picture the worst, most humiliating anxiety attack possible. They’ll describe, say, getting an anxiety attack and collapsing in the centre of a crosswalk on the busy street, or flail around and create a scene inside a crowded restaurant. After which? The film in their eyes stops there.

To counter this picture, we keep your movie going. Let’s go ahead and take the collapse-in-the-crosswalk scenario: I’ll ask, what can happen next? And they’ll say, maybe someone would inquire if I’m okay. After which? Maybe they’d call an ambulance. After which? The ambulance would arrive. After which? I’d automatically get to a healthcare facility, monitored, and finally removed to visit home. The collect? It wouldn’t be pretty, but everything would end lower over time.

Now, apply it not just in panic, but around the world. It isn’t pretty at this time, but humanity is scrappy as well as if things might not be okay within the short term, as Martin Luther King, Junior., stated, paraphrasing 1800s minister and abolitionist Theodore Parker, “The arc from the moral world is lengthy. However, it bends toward justice.”

Quite simply, the planet today has some very real problems, but with time, things improve.  This earth is much more peaceful and much more tolerant than at any time in history. It’s not saying that real people aren’t suffering, but consider it when it comes to this line from “The Fight-Field,” a poem by William Cullen Bryant (and, in fact, House of Pain’s final album): “Truth, crushed to earth, shall stand again.”

Tip #3: Pick your fight.

The passing of time isn’t the only real element in a much better future, obviously. We need action.  But this is when a lot of us find ourselves paralyzed. This news today will make you seem like the planet is ending and you’ve got in order to save it, that is totally overwhelming. We’re feeling like we have to try everything and finish up not doing anything.

Pick one or two issues or organizations that you could support-or fight. By narrowing your scope, you are able to focus your time.

So choose your battles. Pick one or two issues or organizations that you could support-or fight. By narrowing your scope, you are able to focus your time. Once you’ve selected your issues, give money, volunteer your time and effort, speak to your representatives. Do what you could in order to save your slice around the globe. And then…

Tip #4: Puppy messages, or even the equivalent.

Buzzfeed was on course if this live-streamed video of the puppy obtaining a massage throughout the first presidential debate in September. Don’t place your mind within the sand permanently, but make sure to get the own dose of warm fuzzies to balance the grind of fighting the great fight. Read an entirely non-political, escapist novel. Waste a happy hour clicking through dream holiday destinations. Not to mention, smile at individuals young puppies!

Tip #5: Go ahead and take advice from the Well known RBG.

This past year, Ruth Bader Ginsburg authored a viewpoint piece about work-existence balance. She shared the recommendation her mother-in-law gave her on her behalf big day: “In every good marriage,” she stated, “it helps sometimes to become a little deaf.” Ginsburg procedes to use the advice to her current workplace. She writes: “When a thoughtless or bad word is spoken, best tune out. Reacting in anger or annoyance won’t advance one’s capability to persuade.” That I only say, amen.

To summarize, gather with other people, go ahead and take the lengthy view, narrow your focus of activism when you are feeling overwhelmed, take breaks to consider proper care of yourself, and often, it’s okay to experience a mental test pattern for any bit. 4 years later, you’ll be thankful.…

What Does Bipolar Mean And How Much It Can Affect Someone’s Life

What Does Bipolar Mean

Bipolar is a confusing condition, specifically for someone viewing it from a distant view.

We talked  to some 30-year-old man from California in what it chooses to accept bipolar. He described he doesn’t take medications but prefers exercise, therapy, and nutritional supplements to help manage his condition.

Here, in the own words, is exactly what bipolar feels like. At his request, we’ve withheld his name.


The mania part rocks! I’ve plenty of energy and cannot stop.

The good thing of mania is the fact that I’m so positive about everything. You can crash a vehicle into the house, and I’d reply, “What a lot of fun to construct something new! Inches I’m my most creative in this process, so I’m doing whenever possible to take advantage of it. Artistic or constructive, I’m up for anything.

I’ve probably the most fun playing around and entertaining people, which makes them laugh, and acting just like a big clown. I receive lots of satisfaction in the laughs and smiles I’m able to get free from people. It can make me feel invincible.

Every day I awaken all set to go, even when I did not get much sleep the night time before. I do not need much sleep, and so I go and go and achieve this much. I see our buddies, have a great time, get everything done on my small to-do list, and much more.

And will I talk? I’m everywhere, dominating every conversation. I’ve learned I talk too quickly and switch topics so rapidly that it is challenging for others to maintain me. Sometimes, I can’t maintain myself.

Regrettably, this is where I am going out more, spend our money, and drink an excessive amount of. I’ve experienced a couple of fistfights within my mania, but it isn’t since I was angry. Stepping into a battle in a bar with a few dude two times my dimensions are exhilarating. I understand it’s destructive, but it’s the finest type of entertainment because it’s raw, tough, and harmful. I’ve not yet been seriously hurt in one of these simple fights, and so I keep escalating every time. It’s just like a game in my experience.

An upside towards the mania is the fact that my libido goes haywire. I crave much more sex during this period and often it’s a little much with my girlfriend.

Within my mania, Personally, i think just like a god. Personally, i think like I’m able to do anything whatsoever, so my self-worth skyrockets. I can’t explain it, however when the mania burns out There is nothing left. With no highs of mania, I wouldn’t have the ability to tolerate the lows of depression.


When I’m depressed, I wish to remain alone. It isn’t that I wish to be on my own I would like everybody to vanish. I shouldn’t go anywhere, see anybody, or do anything whatsoever. It’s like regardless of what I do, individuals are saying I’m doing a problem. So the simplest way to feel good would be to hide.

Seeing all individuals people transporting on, living their happy little lives is an annoying indication of my bipolar and just how I’ll not have that sort of stability. What’s worse is hearing everyone I “entertain” during my mania discuss how quiet I’m which I am not entertaining. Will they attempt to cheer me up, or make a move to create me laugh? No. They simply want their clown back. It’s annoying.

Regardless of what it’s – work, spending time with buddies, exercise – I do not enjoy things since the tiniest details annoy me. If buddies invite me out, I imagine awaiting public transit, being crammed with angry people, browsing lines, and all sorts of other negative things. I consider every possible problem with something, which leaves me dreading the thought of doing anything.

I become this irritated old man. I’ve considered suicide and also have attempted it once before. However the more I realize the issue, the greater I understand the depression is temporary and that i don’t always concentrate during it. That self-indication helps me from doing anything stupid.

After I consider the long run, I do not like things I see. I’m able to only picture more troubles, endless work, as well as an endless string of letdowns.

The Middle

This is what I think it feels like for everybody else – you realize, normal people. I awaken each morning and that I feel great. I do not dread carrying out my day. I start working, get things done, and have ample energy during the day.

I’m able to roll using the punches the typical day provides me with. I am not losing it over small problems, I like the small things, and I am not loathing the long run.

Personally, i think normal, and it is the way I see myself. I am not some lunatic playing around or some mopey, lazy slug.

I honestly really wish I could remain in this mindset all the time. However, i realize that won’t happen. I’ve recognized that my moods can change by themselves, and so I benefit from the calm more when it’s there.…

Is Forex Trading Halal in Islam?

So you want to start trading forex but still not sure with the law? is forex trading halal in islam?

The issue whether Foreign exchange buying and selling is allowable based on Islamic law is a difficult question to answer conclusively. Although Islamic government bodies certainly agree that trade under certain conditions is halal (i.e., allowable based on Islamic law), there’s some dispute regarding under precisely what conditions. Let’s check out the issues one at a time after searching in the saying about them through the Prophet Mohammed

Can there be this type of factor as halal Foreign exchange buying and selling? Is Foreign exchange halal or haram?

Is Forex trading Halal?

Usury is obviously completely disallowed Islam, and it is defined very broadly. This means that any deal or contract that involves some interest (riba) isn’t allowable based on Islamic law.

For any lengthy time, retail Foreign exchange brokers reflected the marketplace practice of having to pay or charging towards the trader the eye differential backward and forward aspects of any currency pair whose position remains open overnight.

Eventually, most Foreign exchange brokers took care of immediately market forces (and pressure from Islamic traders) by becoming “Islamic Foreign Exchange Brokers” and offering “Muslim Foreign Exchange Accounts” which operate without official charges.

You may ask the way they accomplished it and maintained the profitability of the operations. It was achieved by charging elevated commissions in place Foreign exchange trades, which practice is just about the hallmark of almost all Islamic Foreign exchange brokers.

Perhaps, this by itself is simply a camouflaged interest component, and when this view is taken, it can make Foreign exchange buying and selling problematic based on Islamic law.
The attention problem also eliminates any possibility of exchanging Foreign currency forwards, as almost always there is a pastime element associated with these transactions.

However, “regular” place Foreign exchange buying and selling provided by Foreign exchange brokers, without any overnight charges or charges, could obvious the hurdle of riba.

What Islam Says on Online Forex Trading

Getting reduced the problem to 1 of buying and selling place Foreign exchange and presuming there’s no interest element considered to become involved, we start the following issue.

It might appear to become allowable only “so lengthy because of it [the exchange] hands to hands”. So clearly, the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) been on mind exchanges of various kinds of goods that might be made between two parties, recognizing this would be a natural and mere facet of commerce.

The issue here is based on what is regarded as “hand to hand”. Within the days of old, there have been obviously no computers or telephones. Therefore the facet of creating a deal in person (or hands to hands) wasn’t a question.

You could extrapolate it had become natural and recognized for any deal to make between two different parties. In recent occasions, it may be contended that when it comes to Foreign exchange buying and selling, the offer is created from a Foreign exchange broker along with a trader, which means this would qualify under this type of meaning of two different parties, which may be allowable based on Islamic law.

An additional broadly recognized stipulation would be that the actual exchange must occur throughout the same “sitting” where the contract is created- quite simply, trades should be concluded pretty much immediately.

We’d appear to be solid ground here, as whenever a deal is made from a Foreign exchange broker, it requires effect immediately. Interestingly, this might claim that all non-market trades (i.e. stop or limit orders) are haram!

It’s here that people reach the greatest hurdle in trying to answer the issue “Is Foreign exchange halal or haram?” Foreign exchange traders don’t be prepared to take actual receiving the currency they’re “buying”, rather than really own the currency that they’re “selling”.

They’re merely speculating that the need for one with the increase and the need for another goes lower. Is really speculation allowable based on Islamic law?

It is really a tough question to reply to and it will be one that needs to be discussed with your personal religious leader instead of being made the decision base with an internet article. Nonetheless, we’ve researched the problem completely and will also be outlining some things of thought below.

We can begin by stating that Islam sees that almost all adult people make an effort to enhance their financial positions, which existence involves a sizable component of uncertainty.

In reality we’re faced with lots of choices, the result being unclear, so we make an effort to use intelligence and talent in selecting the available option which will make the superior outcome.

However, then we must will continue to state that gambling is just forbidden by Islamic law, even while a kind of entertainment or entertainment when carried out with small monies that the gambler may be stated so that you can manage to lose.

In calculating both of these competing elements, it may be stated that it’s the approach to speculation which makes the main difference.
One author has examined the topic and mentioned that speculation based on fundamental analysis is allowable, but technical analysis isn’t,

as well as a compelling reasoning is offered: placing trades according to technical analysis is basically tantamount to betting around the bets of others, and relying on the behavior from the crowd to help your forthcoming nexus s drenched using the essence of gambling, Islamic law forbids that.

However, this argument can typically be belittled as spurious as associated with market realities. For instance, it is really a speculator who believes the U.S. Dollar will rise against his Euros because of economic fundamentals individual to just make the trade immediately, and forbidden to make any move to time the trade admission to a psychologically opportune moment?

A more persuasive argument might be made that the Muslim doesn’t have business speculating around the foreign currency markets unless of course she or he has a strong …

Why Rice Bolognese is Better Than Spaghetti Bolognese : Basic Spaghetti Recipe

Who doesn’t love Bolognese right? However, have you ever tried Rice Bolognese before? you’re maybe familiar with Spaghetti Bolognese but rice bolognese? In today’s article we’ll discuss about the weirdly delicious Rice Bolognese!

So first of all, what is exactly spaghetti bolognese? how did it gain the name? what’s the story behind it?

Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta. It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine. Like other pasta, spaghetti is made of milled wheat and water. Italian spaghetti is made from durum wheat semolina (source: Wikipedia)

Bolognese is a sauce made out of mostly minced meat originated from Bologna, Italy (that’s where it got its name). Bolognese is popular with its pasta friend because Italians love eating pasta. Usually where there is a bolognese sauce, there is also pasta.

However, do we really have to consume the sauce only with pasta? or do we have another option? few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and felt super hungry. I ran to the kitchen to see if there was any food, but I only found some leftover white rice and some cold bolognese sauce.

I tried to find some pasta but soon realized that I ran out of pasta. So I thought ” why not try to eat the Rice with the Bolognese sauce? ” I never tried it before nor it ever crossed my mind before because I always thought the only way to enjoy Bolognese is by eating it with pasta.

Long story short, I ended up eating the whole 2 packages of rice with the bolognese sauce and was amazed with the taste of it. Tasted way better that I expected, tasted GOOD!!

And then I was curious about the nutrition, is it healthy? perhaps healthier than pasta? I typed to google and asked about the comparison between the pasta and rice. and I found this result!

  • Rice 100g         : 206 calories, 44,50g carbs, 0,45g fat, 4,20g protein
  • Spaghetti 100g: 158 calories, 30,86g carbs, 0,97g fat, 5,80 protein

More calories, more carbs and less fat! Interesting right?

last and not least, check out this video about a guy making Bolognese Rice!

Basic Spaghetti Recipe

Blendtec vs Vitamix: What To Consider Before Buying One of Them

So Blendtec vs Vitamix, which one comes out better than the other huh?

As the time flies. New blender models come out every once in a while, but the biggest face off is still between the biggest of them, it’s still Vitamix vs Blendtec It’s not surprising because both products are at the top of their game right now because Blendtec and Vitamix are the top 2 brands in America right now and also known for their best quality products and blenders.

Here are the things that I think you should consider before you decide to buy Vitamix or Blendtec I hope at the end you can decide which one to buy, but if you still can’t you can go to this website for more information:

blendtec vs vitamix

1. How Much Freedom Do These Products Give You Over The Control?

The majority of the best Vitamix models, sometimes known by public because the C-Series Standard which models range from the Vitamix 5200. That series will provide you with full manual charge of your blending and ingredients within the blender having a variable 10 speed dial having a Hi/Lo switch with no separate pulse button but you may still “pulse” by turning the device off and on to equal 1 pulse.

The C-Series Standard Programs, including the Professional Series 500 and 6300, have three pre-programmed settings which everybody loves along with a pulse setting.

The G-Series Next-gen blenders again have either full manual control along with a pulse setting or the G-Series with Programs with five pre-programmed automatic settings as well as a Pulse switch.

These Vitamix models include The Vitamix Professional Series 750 and the newest Vitamix 780. Vitamix also provides full manual, three pre-programmed and 5 pre-programmed settings in their three S-Series personal blenders.

2. Is Their Performance Worth The Cost?

When you’re doing a Vitamix and Blendtec comparison, it’s hard to say which one of those blenders is the best at making a smoothie.

Both blenders are great at making a smoothie. Moreover, they both easily crush ice, make hot soups, nut butter, grind seeds, puree fruit and a whole lot more thing you can do with those two phenomenal blenders. So yeah, when you’re asking if their performance worth the cost, it is. You cannot compare these two blenders with cheap blender or low battery powered blender which not able to produce bigger output than these 2 blenders.

3. The Machine’s Blade

In all Vitamix containers, you can exchange their sharp four blades if they ever become dull over time.

In a Blendtec the patented blade design is already dull, and you cannot remove the blade as the blade, and the container is one single piece. In a single Blendtec jar, its patented dull one blade will do it all: hot, cold, wet, and dry blending.

4. The Machine’s Cost

The last one is the cons to both products, that is the cost. Of course, a high-quality product would need you to pay a lot of money to get; there’s undoubtedly relating to this but thankfully tight on pricey refurbished options which are new.

The underside housing, jars, cookbooks, tamper (Vitamix only). In a nutshell, everything is replaced. Both of these products also offer long term payment plans.

Blendtec sells both new and certified redecorated products that people can get by accessing their website. Blendtec has three different classes of blenders which are the Professional Series, the Designer Series and the Classic Series.

All Blendtec blenders have 100% automatic and digital features meaning by picking out a setting or speed from the blender, and it’ll stop following a reaching time which was set before.

If the winner of this rivalry is decided by the price of the product, then Blendtec Reconditioned Total Blender with only $275.95 is a great price for a blender with lots of features that you will get accustomed to and love.

When you’re planning to blend thick ingredients daily, the patented Vitamix tamper will be a huge timesaver and probably the best reason to spend more and buy the Vitamix Reconditioned Standard Blender.

With those things taken into consideration when buying a blender of those two brands, you can now actually choose based on your preferences.

Note that both have pros and cons. You can buy one of them based on your preferences but know this when you bought them; you’re saving your money because these products pay for themselves eventually.

check out this video about Blendtec vs vitamix