Blendtec vs Vitamix: What To Consider Before Buying One of Them

So Blendtec vs Vitamix, which one comes out better than the other huh?

As the time flies. New blender models come out every once in a while, but the biggest face off is still between the biggest of them, it’s still Vitamix vs Blendtec It’s not surprising because both products are at the top of their game right now because Blendtec and Vitamix are the top 2 brands in America right now and also known for their best quality products and blenders.

Here are the things that I think you should consider before you decide to buy Vitamix or Blendtec I hope at the end you can decide which one to buy, but if you still can’t you can go to this website for more information:

blendtec vs vitamix

1. How Much Freedom Do These Products Give You Over The Control?

The majority of the best Vitamix models, sometimes known by public because the C-Series Standard which models range from the Vitamix 5200. That series will provide you with full manual charge of your blending and ingredients within the blender having a variable 10 speed dial having a Hi/Lo switch with no separate pulse button but you may still “pulse” by turning the device off and on to equal 1 pulse.

The C-Series Standard Programs, including the Professional Series 500 and 6300, have three pre-programmed settings which everybody loves along with a pulse setting.

The G-Series Next-gen blenders again have either full manual control along with a pulse setting or the G-Series with Programs with five pre-programmed automatic settings as well as a Pulse switch.

These Vitamix models include The Vitamix Professional Series 750 and the newest Vitamix 780. Vitamix also provides full manual, three pre-programmed and 5 pre-programmed settings in their three S-Series personal blenders.

2. Is Their Performance Worth The Cost?

When you’re doing a Vitamix and Blendtec comparison, it’s hard to say which one of those blenders is the best at making a smoothie.

Both blenders are great at making a smoothie. Moreover, they both easily crush ice, make hot soups, nut butter, grind seeds, puree fruit and a whole lot more thing you can do with those two phenomenal blenders. So yeah, when you’re asking if their performance worth the cost, it is. You cannot compare these two blenders with cheap blender or low battery powered blender which not able to produce bigger output than these 2 blenders.

3. The Machine’s Blade

In all Vitamix containers, you can exchange their sharp four blades if they ever become dull over time.

In a Blendtec the patented blade design is already dull, and you cannot remove the blade as the blade, and the container is one single piece. In a single Blendtec jar, its patented dull one blade will do it all: hot, cold, wet, and dry blending.

4. The Machine’s Cost

The last one is the cons to both products, that is the cost. Of course, a high-quality product would need you to pay a lot of money to get; there’s undoubtedly relating to this but thankfully tight on pricey refurbished options which are new.

The underside housing, jars, cookbooks, tamper (Vitamix only). In a nutshell, everything is replaced. Both of these products also offer long term payment plans.

Blendtec sells both new and certified redecorated products that people can get by accessing their website. Blendtec has three different classes of blenders which are the Professional Series, the Designer Series and the Classic Series.

All Blendtec blenders have 100% automatic and digital features meaning by picking out a setting or speed from the blender, and it’ll stop following a reaching time which was set before.

If the winner of this rivalry is decided by the price of the product, then Blendtec Reconditioned Total Blender with only $275.95 is a great price for a blender with lots of features that you will get accustomed to and love.

When you’re planning to blend thick ingredients daily, the patented Vitamix tamper will be a huge timesaver and probably the best reason to spend more and buy the Vitamix Reconditioned Standard Blender.

With those things taken into consideration when buying a blender of those two brands, you can now actually choose based on your preferences.

Note that both have pros and cons. You can buy one of them based on your preferences but know this when you bought them; you’re saving your money because these products pay for themselves eventually.

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