These are Why So Important to Write Your Blog on WordPress

Writing a blog is not easy and takes a lot of effort to get it up and to operate. No, the bigger blog is easier, but the stakeholders or partners in the small company are very few. Usually, when you create a new personal or business blog on a smaller scale, your colleagues are friends or family members.

Sometimes having separate production and retail units is not even possible. So online presence can be the fascia your business needs.

Having a well thought out and doable web presence is much needed these days for any kind of business, big or small.

But it’s all the more important for small businesses because it gives their business a sense of credibility and seriousness.

The flexibility of WordPress:

The WordPress site is an open source platform, meaning easy to use and you can use the code, revise it and resell it to others. Every year, so many developers continue to make better and smoother features to the huge WordPress Plug-in library.

WordPress has improved into one of the most regularly used platforms for web development. Nearly 25% of world websites use the WordPress and nearly 60% of CMS-based sites also use WordPress and use free and premium WordPress themes.

What makes WordPress the perfect solution for Small Business?

The question is that what WordPress have or give what competitors do not do, which makes it a big success as compared to them. Of course, it’s free and flexible but when you get down to it, what makes it what it is?

Let’s see how powerful it is to know why it’s so powerful:

While you might think that good and great software should have a price, but the fact is that being free has made it great. Because it’s freeware, so many programmers and developers have tried their hand and refined it and polished it as it is now. So this wise decision makes WordPress so many free programmers to find flaws with the software and fix it for free!

CMS is very powerful.

I mean, you just have to install it and use it and easily without complicated knowledge of web development, you can add and remove any features or add-ons available. The backend panel lets you control your site to the most basic level. The power of this CMS is the reason why it has some really great add-ons like RSS feeds, blogs, shopping carts, etc.

WordPress can be used for almost all types of websites from personal blogs to surveys to portfolio sites. You cannot access a better or more flexible option.

Another great feature is SEO optimization.

Typically, people hire developers and e-marketing companies to get their websites optimized for Search Engines. But Word Word framework is made in such a way that it is very easy for search engines to crawl it. So most search engines prefer websites created in the WordPress and better rank.

WordPress is also a very secure platform.

While this is a constant challenge for hackers, WordPress updates its software regularly to keep users protected. You can add different users to manage your CMS using the word press by setting and limiting their activities; this will improve security and manage more.

It’s easy to integrate social media into WordPress. It can also host multimedia like images, video, and audio, etc. You can add YouTube videos directly on your Word press website.

Summary, WordPress is the great solution for bloggers and small businesses because it gives more value in less investment. It also takes a lot of burden from your shoulders regarding managing the website and gives you strong support to grow your business!

It also requires a lot of burden from your shoulders regarding managing the website and gives you strong support to grow your business with quality support through the WordPress eCommerce theme.

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